David Lama

Climbing the impossible

The exceptional climbing talents of David Lama were spotted by veteran climber Peter Habeler when he was only 5 years old. He was born in 1990 to an Austrian mother and a Nepalese mountain guide. At just fifteen years of age he became the youngest ever winner of a climbing world cup event and celebrated multiple victories in both lead and bouldering, before he directed his focus entirely towards alpine adventures and climbing expeditions in 2011. He has since achieved many firsts, both in the Alps and in the mountain ranges abroad. Of all his alpine accomplishments, the first free ascent of the south east ridge of the Cerro Torre so far stands out the most. Within only a few years, David Lama has become the head of a new breed of alpinists that take their extra-ordinary climbing skills to the big faces around the globe. With stunning feat on Cerro Torre and first ascents such as the route “Bird of Prey” in Alaska or the first winter ascent of the “Schiefer Riss” in Tyrol, his name has became synonym for realizing climbs that where said to be impossible.

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