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Clipper Round The World Yacht Race
Simon Straetker
Simon Straetker
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It’s really cold. It’s raining. I barely slept an hour last night, neither the night before or the last few nights. I'm doubled up with stomach cramps, I’m seasick and I am completely exhausted! Yes, it’s me, that fool who applied for this "incredible" sailing adventure called "Clipper round the World Yacht Race". And all I ask myself right now is: "WHY ON EARTH?"

The answer? Simple - It’s moments like these that I live for! It’s those moments when we step out of our comfort zone to explore not only ourselves but also the world around us in a different way. We might hate the moment at the time, but we will cherish the memory forever. Ever since I joined adventurer Mike Horn on a sailing expedition in New Zealand, I keep dreaming of this lively feeling when strong winds blow the salty drops of the ocean right into your face. To me, sailing is the epitome of freedom.

Which leg of the race are you applying for?

Leg 5 – December to February 2014

How would you describe your personality?

I am passionate, driven, focused and adventurous. Exploring new places, meeting new people and seizing opportunities is part of my daily agenda. Apart from that, I deeply believe that we share a big responsibiliy as global citizens. Therefore I do my bit to make our world a better place by being involved in a variety of social and environmental projects around the world. (

Tell us about your greatest personal achievement to date and what you learnt from it

In August 2008, when I was only 14-years old, I read a newspaper article that would change my life forever. It was about South African explorer Mike Horn's Pangaea Expedition - a program which educates teenagers about nature by showing them the beauty of our planet during a sailing expedition around the world. Highly fascinated, I applied to the program, was shortlisted, went to the selection camp and eventually got chosen to join Mike Horn on his expedition to New Zealand. No one ever thought I would make it, but the young 14-year old Simon from a remote village in the Black Forest did it.

The selection process, the expedition as well as Mike Horn himself made me realize that what we dream we can do. Nothing limits us in our abilities apart from our own mental restrictions.

If you win a race place, what can your crew mates expect from you?

I love meeting new people, bonding and functioning as a group. Life has taught me that a well-oiled and efficient team is capable of achieving incredible things and conquering many obstacles. I know that this journey is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so expect me to go beyond my limits to give my all - my very best - for the success of our team. As an open-minded person I love different approaches - therefore I often seek to improve things wherever possible.
Also I really love photography & filmmaking so I always have some kind of camera on me, be that my GoPro or my beloved Canon 60D.

If you haven't yet, please make sure to check out my dedicated application website to find out more about me:

In 3 words tell us what qualities you have that make you the right candidate for this project?

  • passionate
  • hard-working
  • curious