Dominik Gralak

Ride and Surf Lofoten
Dominik Gralak
Dominik Gralak
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What is your motivation for traveling to Lofoten with the GORE-TEX® athletes?

My motivation ....that is a quite difficult question because past time i spent on freeride skis but now i am really deep involved on surfing. My motivation is a travel through whole world with one board and as a International Surfing Association Coach to change people live and open their minds ...

Tell us something about your ski touring / splitboarding experience!

In my history skiing , especially freeride and skitouring has given me new trials show new oportunities and was really nice.
My exerpience is all hightes mountain in Poland and Slovakia .... some step trials in Austria and Swiss.

Rank those sports according to your personal preferences: Skitouring/Splitboarding, Freeride/Alpine Skiing, Mountaineering, Surfing

Freeride / Alpine Skiing
Skitouring/ Splitboarding

Tell us about your surfing skills!

My surfing exeperince is my surfing history .... 8 years ago when i was liveing on Canarian Island ( Lanzarote ) as a windsurfing instructor i started surfing ..... than proportions has changed.
More surfing than windsurfing .... now surfing during all Year even in January on Baltic Sea ( winter is best period )

Besides that i am only one International Surfing Associattion coach ( level 1 ) in Poland and organizator of surfcamps arodun whole Europe ....

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